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  • What are burntracks?
    Burntracks are energy sessions recorded. It's just like getting a full length energy session from a healer but it's recorded so you can use it over and over until you get your desired results!
  • What is the activating energy? How does it work?
    Most of the tracks are made with phoenix force. I instruct it to replace the undesired state (for example unhappy) with the desired state (happy).
  • Can you gaurantee results?
    I wish! Id LOVE it if I knew, without a doubt, every single person would get full results! Im always improving my work but right now I can just tell you there is a high probability (based on the tests we have run) that you will get results if you follow the directions. But, just like other modalities: therapy, massage, acupunture, yoga, different approaches are better suited for different people. I hope you you get the full transformation you desire! You can check out my instagram to see all the wonderful results people have gotten. The link is on the bottom of the home page.
    These are the most powerful versions of burntracks to date. They are also the first silent burntracks that are also fully powered. The directions are as follows: 1. Please DO NOT play tracks from google drive. DOWNLOAD them. It will drain the enery from them. Redownload tracks as much as possible for fresh energy. The most efficient is once a day. If you have a zipfile on your desktop. Just extract a new file daily. 2. Play passively as much as you can all day and night. You may also add in some meditation time with the track but its no essential. It's ok to play it while you watch tv etc 3. You must use the "Break Free" track as well. It is a healing track that clears you of all outside negative influences, your own trauma, your own illusions and others and much more. You can't fill a cup that is already full so please use this track at least 2 hrs a day. 4. If you can play two tracks at once then play both continuously. If not, play the 'break free' track for a few hours in the morning and then move to your other goal track. ​ 5. You must have the volume all the way up to get full energy. You will receive more of the energy if you put the headphones in your ears or on your body but it can be played without earbuds.
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