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Gifted Live Program:

Allow Abundance!

Free Live Program Starting June 22nd

On June 22nd

I'll be hosting a live program exclusively in my facebook group. 

I will give you transformative energy sessions daily as well as practical strategies to step out of the lack mindset and life and into an abundant life!

Imagine leaning back in your favorite chair. Beaming with pride and joy. Worries melted away. Everywhere you turn you see and experience abundance! From your favorite mouth-watering snacks to your bank account. You feel the everlasting flow of abundance in your life and the idea of lack is now an oxymoron!


This is the gift I want to give you! 

Abundance comes from within. It matters not what the external world says. You can and will achieve this! 

During this exclusive live gifted program you will receive:


  • 5-7 days of healing energy sessions (using phoenix force energy), performed live on all attendees

  • The sessions will directly delete: the illusion of lack, scarcity mindset, guilt, doubt, and  feelings of unworthiness around money and joy .  They will be replaced with: abundance mindset, and belief systems structured around feeing worthy and loved and deserving of money (accomplished through energy work)

  • 7 days of empowering activities designed to give you the breakthrough you deserve


  • 7days of one on one access to me to get the support you need


Lastly! As my group members know, I do not hide sale intention in this group and I do not push or manipulate for sales.

I will tell you straight up at the end of this live program there WILL be a chance to do another live program in a private group that will be a paid option.

If enough people want to do it then we should be able to do it at a great discount as a group!!

BUT, I will NOT be holding anything back in this live free program. It will be a natural progression.
Furthermore, I won't be pitching a paid program every day throughout all our time together. We will be focusing on the healing sessions!

Even in my paid abundance programs, they need this week of macro abundance work first as well!


The paid program you will be offered after the free week will be a natural progression that some people may desire.

It will focus on micro topics. 


-- sessions on your business
--sessions on specific meetings
--sessions on specific sales, clients, ideas - whatever you want!
--your bank account etc
--digging deeper into multiple belief systems that could be hindering you and correcting them
--getting your bank account or client list to specific numbers

It is just a natural progression and option for people who want it after the week of abundance work! 

We can't wait to meet you and witness your transformation! 

The FB group where the lives are hosted:

group image.jpg

*All live and free programs or

sessions hosted in this group.

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