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My mission is to give all of you full results instantly.  I won't stop until that is the case. 

Until then: Let us enjoy this epic journey!

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Testimonials &

Result samples

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"I have to post something important.


I have spent my entire life either trying to integrate my abilities into 'normal' life - or effectively shutting them down so I fit in. This is no way to live.

Thank you, Winter, for having the strength and courage to step out and create spaces for those of us that are different, or who want to pursue our abilities and smash the self imposed boundaries our society creates.

Speaking from experience, I can tell you that if you really want to expand and take it to the next few levels - you are in the right place.

The time, effort and energy that Winter has put into this place (and the Superpowers Master Program) is incredible -

she's completely devoted to changing the world and her signature energy is the most powerful I have ever come across (and that's saying something). 

I cannot recommend Winter's tracks (any and all of them) enough if you want to take action in your life, your world, your reality - and you do, or you wouldn't be here." 


 “Emotional healing track results.

Incredible!!  All the bad feelings of guilt and shame and sadness I had about my childhood has gone. I feel like that part of my life has totally gone. Like it’s gone sucked into a black hole and just vanished. I’m blown away by this. I’m feeling like this really can’t be that simple. It took 2 days only. Yes you read that right. 2 days!

This stuff is epic!

Thank you so much. I never thought I would be able to heal on such a deep level. “

Katrine L. (posted in fb group)


 “I have so much gratitude. 

When I started to use the Abundance track, I was kind of like a fish out of water.
Desperate for money as the fish is for water. 

Using the track was a bit like diving back into the great ocean… this time being aware of the water surrounding me though. Aware of this abundance of liquid.


I was quite consistent when I started using them, meditating 2 or 3 times a day with the Abundance track and the Break free track. 


For one week or two there was not so much happening on a money level, even though on others, I met amazing people, was brought to some great adventures, with many kinds of abundance – people, food, places…


Then it all started very quickly. Within the second week I was invited, for free, in a Dance seminar worth a bit less a thousand euros… It is only the start. 


When I was there I met someone. Let’s say my soulmate. 

The most deep, light, beautiful, delightful experience of love I have been given to experience.. 


I was invited by this person to spend a week in her country… On the way, I open my bank account, ready to face the truth : surprise ! 


I received 1000 euros out of nowhere. 


Oh my god ! Life goes on… 10 days after, I receive 1000 euros out of nowhere again ! 


Literally just popping up on my account ! Oh god. I am so grateful for myself, for trusting in Abundance and keeping faith despite outside circumstances. And so grateful to Winter for accelerating the process and  her heart-commitment to share tools of transformation and her medicine of fire !

Thank you thank you thank you, merci, gracias, grazie, obrigado, blessings winter, amen, abracadabra, aho !”
Achilles (posted in fb group)


(now called break free)

 “Clearing Track/Health Track Testimonial

Hi everyone, I am one of the testers - sorry that this post is so late! I ended up having to take a detour from the 7 day protocol to switch to the Health Track. So my timeline is a bit unusual.

Let me start by saying that I have a lot of issues. A LOT. To list a few:

- childhood trauma

- 10+ years in an abusive relationship

- body image issues (had an eating disorder for many years)

- had a bit of a drinking problem (I hate admitting this)

- severe anxiety

As soon as I started the clearing track, many suppressed issues bubbled to the surface rapidly. I burn through anger, despair, anxiety - all at once. It got rough. And then I got the flu (not because of the track - everyone at work around me had been sick). I switched to Winters Health Track to help me recover. I got over it much quicker thanks to the track.

I then continued with the clearing track and have noticed:

- I'm not as easily triggered by my parents lately

- I was able to stop talking to my abusive ex (he still had his hooks in me and it had become a situation where I was like a masochist, addicted to the pain)

- my body image improved

- I was able to visit a dentist for the first time in many years (being paralyzed with fear prevented this previously). I stayed calm during the entire visit

- I literally feel no urge to drink alcohol. NOTHING.

- I noticed my relationships are improving - particularly with difficult co-workers. People who are normally nasty to me are being strangely nice

I would like to thank Winter Cantagallo for being so awesome and helping me get better! I can't wait to see where her journey takes her in developing her ability even further!”

Andrea M. (posted in fb group)


 "I've been playing the telekinesis burntrack for three months. I started with using the clearing track for one week first.

I'm used to meditation and the sensations that come with it while in deep states of focus but meditating to the clearing track was a different story.

The first day it felt like tickling inside my body. A few days later I felt heat but not a bad one. It was like a sun was warming me up from the inside. I have no idea how to better describe it.

After a week I then started with telekinesis track. In the first few days it seemed like nothing special was happening. Some interesting feelings while meditating but nothing else.

Then after a week and a half, I started to notice my phone playing tricks on me. Sliding pictures, pausing unpausing videos while watching.

(No it was not broken and I'm sure I didn't touch the screen in any way.)

It scared me at first, but every time it happened I tried to focus to repeat it consciously. Yes, I was staring at my phone trying to slide pictures without touching it. Practice makes a master they say.

But, I had no success with that.

But every time I felt strange sensations in my head. Weak pulsing and vibrating. Each day that I tried to touch my phone screen with my mind these feelings got stronger.

After 1 month and 1 week my phone stopped playing tricks on me. I was afraid I screwed something up.

But something else started to happen around me. I'll never forget this one incident...

I was lying in bed getting ready to sleep. My girlfriend was playing on her phone. We have a 80l aquarium in our bedroom and I forgot to turn the light off before I jumped to bed. I was like" Meh, shit..."And as I was getting ready to get up from bed to turn it off, annoyed of course, it just went off. Just like that.

At first, we thought the bulb burned out. I checked it and you know what. The switch was turned off. I turned it on and it lite up with no problem.

So currently, after 3 months of playing the telekinesis track:

  1. from time to time my unconscious emotions can turn on/off the lights

  2. Or move keys on the table closer to me by few inches.

  3. I am still practicing with my phone. It does what I command it to 1 out of 20 times so far.


It scared the shit out of me when it happened for the first time. I still can't do it fully consciously. It's like it's driven by pure emotions for now. Like my brain is saying: "I'm not doing it just because you want it."


But when I feel I need it -it just happens. So that's my progress so far. I was listening daily at work, headphones hanging over my neck with speakers pulsing the track onto my chest - heart chakra.

[this is how they absorb the energy from my tracks]

Now I'm only listening in meditation sessions for about 15 minutes.

I am still practicing with my phone. It does what I command it to 1 out of 20 times so far.

So I think its huge progression for three month"
posted in fb group


"Ruthless Diet - Instant Results

I was part of the experiment for the ruthless diet. I followed Winter Cantagallos instructions, listening to the track every night (I cannot guarantee I ever get a full 8 hours!), meditating while listening 3 x per day, etc.

The results were instant. I was definitely not prepared to have my diet instantly changed but it was! I definitely made better choices.


During the week I decided I would try to use up all of the unhealthy foods I had in the house to get rid of them as I don't like to waste things, which lead to me having a biscuit binge - or nearly a biscuit binge. As I was eating them I started to feel really sick and had to stop eating them!

That had definitely never happened to me before.


I also have a renewed interest in superfoods and Chinese herbs which I haven't had for awhile.

Winter is amazing and I love all of her tracks. I would definitely recommend using the ruthless diet track if it is something you are interested in but if this track doesn't interest you find another one that does and have a go trying to get instant results! You will not regret it!!" 
Posted in fb group

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